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Content marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on producing and disseminating free content to a specified audience. Attracting potential clients by creating and distributing valuable free material is the key to content marketing success. Content marketing initiatives that are effective can help draw attention, create leads, raise brand awareness, and establish a reputation.

This is precisely what our webinar series accomplishes, and it's why you should consider sponsoring one with IP Bulletin. Our outcomes speak for themselves, as evidenced by our repeat sponsors.

Our webinars have become increasingly popular over time. In 2021, the number of people registered for our webinars ranged from 200 to 500, with an average of around 600. The most popular webinar we've done drew 350 people and was provided as a free CLE. We are pleased to collaborate with sponsors to provide free CLE webinars, which will increase participation, but this necessitates planning the webinar for several months.

Compared to most other industry webinars, our registration and attendance numbers show that our webinar has a very high audience.

Sponsoring a webinar is considerably more cost-effective than visiting a trade fair or other lead development strategies because of the many registrations. When you host a webinar on a meaningful and relevant topic to your target market, you are attracting pre-qualified prospects who are already interested in that topic.

Sponsoring a webinar with IP Bulletin costs $500, and payment is due one month before the webinar to confirm the date and topic.

All of our webinars will be hosted by us on our webinar platform. We'll work with you to develop a topic for your webinar and a description of your webinar once you've decided on a date. We'll set up a dynamic Co-Branded registration landing page on IP Bulletin and use our industry connections to secure a dynamic expert to speak at your webinar when we get this information.

We will email you the recording and handouts from the webinar as soon as they are available and a full list of all leads produced through the webinar registrations and whether or not they actually attended. We'll send a thank you email to everyone who registered, whether they attended or not, informing them that the webinar sponsor will contact them with the recording and handouts. Sponsors must contact all registrants within one week of the webinar's start date.

Our calendar fills up quickly, so if you're interested in sponsoring a webinar with IP Bulletin, please let us know as soon as you have a date in mind so we can put it on our calendar and add it to our forthcoming Webinars page. Please get in touch with us for more information about booking a webinar.



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