Trademark registration protects intellectual property by securing a term or a visual sign that a company uses to distinguish its goods or services. According to the Federal Act on the Protection of Trademarks and Indications of Source and the Trademark Protection Ordinance, a trademark is registered for the coming years. The trademark is protected for a period of 10 years from the filing date and can be extended for a further ten years.

The renewal application must be submitted to the Trademark Office before that registered mark’s expiration date. Before the deadline, businesses must prepare and submit the renewal fee. This will not only ensure that their trademark is protected indefinitely but will also eliminate the possibility of litigation. Companies can prolong their security for another decade thanks to the timely renewal.

To apply for trademark renewal, businesses must complete and submit Form POA and pay a fee of CHF 700 regardless of the number of classes. There is a six-month grace period for the late extension (with a surcharge of 50 CHF). Suppose a person or company fails to renew their TM. In that case, the mark is held responsible for its removal. The holders must restore their TM for more extended protection.

Companies should file trademark renewal requests before their current registration or renewal expires. The Registrar will issue a message to the TM owner before the registration expires as a reminder. The notification will include the expiration date and the terms and conditions for paying the requisite money. The Registrar has the authority to delete a trademark from the trademark register if the stipulated requirements do not obtain the registration. Suppose the proprietor miss the deadline for filing the request. In that case, the proprietor can file a renewal application with a late fee within six months of the mark’s expiration.

In Switzerland, you may entrust Oriti Patents, based in Lugano, CH, to quickly assist you with its easy, cost-effective, and secure online tool for the renewal of a Swiss Trademark. The proprietor needs to fill in the details mentioned on the page and enclose the Power of Attorney (PoA), which is downloadable here.

In that case, fill in the form (it takes two minutes) and pay CHF 900 (Official fee 700 and Agency Fees 200.00) by credit card. You will receive within 30 seconds their e-Invoice marked “PAID“. The website is

Moreover, it is important to know that in swiss PoA is not compulsory for renewals of Trademarks. However, if the proprietor needs to desire Oriti Patents to become the New Representative for the present case, you would like to be informed by Oriti Patents in the future if any Official Reminder(s) will be issued by the National Trademark Office based in Bern and Oriti Patents suggest to send signed PoA by the proprietor (s) in pdf format. Change of Representative is FREE of any charge.

Disclaimer: The present article intends to provide general guidance on the subject, and you can also consult us in your specific case.


  • Franco Oriti

    Franco Oriti, born in Australia, lived in Sydney and since 1991 has been working in the field of protection, filing, prosecution, surveillance and maintenance of Intellectual Property (IP). He was graduated in International Political Science at the State University of Milan (IT). He currently carries out this IP activity in Lugano (CH) in Oriti Patents since 2015 after having carried it out in Milan for a chemical company of the Montedison Group and for Notarbartolo & Gervasi and in Lugano from 1999 for N&G Patent Services. He has considerable experience in the renewal of patents, designs, utility models, complementary protection certificates, textile models, plant varieties and trademarks Worldwide. He is a Swiss Trademark, Patent and Design Representative, a European (n.4688) and Italian (n.793M) Trademark and Design Attorney and also a Trademark Attorney in San Marino (n.USBM-078R M). He has acquired a lot of knowledge to create special databases to manage IP renewals, official IP deadlines and reporting, and in a short time, he is able to set up an internal office for Companies to pay directly low-costs of IP maintenances Worldwide and to have, anywhere and at everytime, all IP Due Dates under own control in an electronic format with notifications automatically sent by e-mail to whom and when you desire.