Recognising IP assets and protecting them so they may be exploited for their actual value is trouble businesses often fall on a long way.

Sadly, which could, in the end, cause misplaced costs and expensive litigation. The key, therefore, is to concurrently maintain a watch at the intangible in addition to the tangible assets.

The effects of failing to manage and guard intellectual property

Proper management and maximisation of intellectual property require a certain level of vigilance.

Failure to adequately protect intellectual property can cost the owner or business not only sums of money but, in some cases, the company’s total value.

Simplified service as well as cost and damage limits. The increase in intellectual property litigation cannot be overlooked. We have seen a rise in the number of cases processed both in court and in resolution proceedings with the IPO from year to year. Even so, enforcement costs can be too high, especially for some SMEs.

While managing intellectual property, it is essential to receive IP due date alerts for colleagues and clients (s).

Due dates are essential in the intellectual property when it is business-critical. You need to do the following during the management of your intellectual property.

  • It is essential to have a “backup” of your existing due dates docketing system, or you do not have it and/or it costs you a lot of money and time to have one.
  • If you need to advise your Client(s) and/or Colleague(s) about an upcoming due date, you, as IP Senior or Partner, or Stakeholder or Boss, desire to insert any IP due dates for your IP Paralegals or Secretaries.
  • The IP Paralegal need to insert and update any due dates for your IP Seniors, Partners, Stakeholders or Boss.
  • Mandatory check and match due dates handled by other IP Local Agents, IP Providers or IP Renewals Services around the World and outside your Firm.
  • Handle and pay some IP due directly on the due date in the World and never receive any reminders from others.
  • As a new employee or “trainee“, desire to obtain your work keeping and monitoring IP due dates.
  • Times of staff turnover (holidays, retiring, maternity or paternity leaving, winning a lottery), need to know that IP is safe and handled in due time and/or do not know where your Firm’s IP due dates are docketed and when they will fall due.

IP due dates Alerts system that anyone can use for personal use, colleagues and Client(s), easily accessible on mobiles and web walking with you at every time and everywhere in the World. Moreover, you will feel confident that you and others will constantly be reminded of your professional IP due dates.

  • You may use this free IP due dates Alert and E-mail Service to promptly advise you and your colleagues and Client(s) in due time for all actions before every IP due dates record is inserted and updated by you.
  • You may also decide how many e-mail reminders you or other e-mail addresses of colleagues inserted by you have to be previously advised before any critical IP due dates.
  • You may open (Login with Username and Password) a Firm’s Users Account or a Personal Professional’s Users Account for free in a few seconds and have these IP due dates listed and shown in chronological order.
  • You will only have a few fields to manage.

Manage IP due dates for FREE and enjoy your IP work!


Here are some examples of the due dates, which the IP due dates can easily manage.


Disclaimer: The present article intends to provide general guidance on the subject, and you can also consult us in your specific case.